Counter Strike Academy

Counter Strike Academy

Academy Teams

  • Lopezord

    Rui Lopes

    Playing for CS:GO Exotic Academy...Read More

  • MaZZ-

    Pedro Guedes

    Playing for Exotic Academy of CS:GO...Read More

  • Gypson

    Miguel Lobato

    Played CSS casualy, since 2007 for some years and then I left CS.Started to play again in July 2016, when I got invited to play for a mix-team in a lan party. Since then, I started learning the competitive content of the game, so I can get the best that CS can give and play as much as I can....Read More

  • synttax

    David Mendes

    sou autista...Read More

  • ruah

    Paulo Reis

    ...Read More


  • Position
  • 8th
    exotic CUP - EXPONOR
    10 Mar 2007
  • 2nd
    King of Nordic
    28 Apr 2017
  • 4th
    The Gathering Norway
    16 Apr 2017
  • 1st
    Rogahack 2017 by GeekCrew
    08 Apr 2017
  • 1st
    WOG Season 1
    17 Jul 2016