HIV and Night Sweats

  • Fri 14th Sep 2018 - 12:09pm
    If you have already searched Airsnore for more information on snoring cure, you would have surely come across the term somnoplasty.Chances are that now you want to know what somnoplasty is, and all other details associated with it. For better understanding of this procedure you need to spend a few minutes to understand the sequence of events that lead to snoring. Though we may take breathing for granted, the air gets to the lungs via a series of organs, muscles and tissues. These include the throat, uvula, soft palate and the tongue. The muscles of these organs that form the air passage are in a tightened state when we are awake, allowing the breathed-in air to pass smoothly. However when we fall asleep, they may get into an overtly relaxed state, that makes them collapse and also vibrate. This in brief is the reason behind the vibrating noise, we know as snoring. Now to get back to the question: what is somnoplasty? Essentially it is a viable treatment option to cure habitual snoring. Developed by Somnus Medical Technologies of California, this simple yet effective procedure was approved by FDA way back in 1997.

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