3 Ways to Maximize Your Upper Chest Muscle Building Workout

  • Fri 12th Oct 2018 - 8:26am
    Before too long a crowd has gathered to see what the fuss is about Anabolic Stretching and then the salesman springs into action. His sales pitch is practised his execution flawless as the crowd gets sucked in by his persuasiveness, What is he selling? Why, it's Snake Oil, the miracle cure it all elixir that will cure anything from gout to the common cold. "You sir," he points at an old man leaning heavily on a cane, " come up here." The old man hobbles up to the wagon where the salesman invites him to try some of miracle cure all. The old man takes a drink from the bottle and soon he's dancing a jig in the middle off the street, seemingly cured. Suddenly, the snake oil salesman is inundated with eager buyers all wanting his cure. Of course, the old man was in league with the snake oil salesman and was planted there to persuade the audience that the cure was real.

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