What is the best instant business card transcription service?

  • Sat 22nd Sep 2018 - 1:51pm
    Business card transcription helps to recognize the contact cards or business cards and gather all the information from it to make it available in digital formats. The transcription can be done with the help of OCR transcription tools or an application that can scan all the crucial details and show the information with proper tags and designation. When you use online transcription you just need to upload your documents to our website. It will digitize your documents and you will have online access to your list in various downloadable formats in Excel, CSV and VCF. This OCR transcribed data is ready to be imported into e-mail marketing applications such as outlook or other e-mail delivery services. Such free business card scanners cannot give you the accurate data after transcription because it is a kind of optical character recognition (OCR) technology that finds difficult to read the handwritten notes. The business cards come in different shades, designs, colors and fonts that can also affect the quality of data when business card scans such things. Any kind of error can make such information useless for end-users.   So, avoid using such free tools or transcription applications for business card transcription, instead use the OCR transcription service offered by professionals like Cogito that can give an accurate and flexible transcription service at affordable pricing. Cogito use the best technology to transcribe the business cards and other types of documents with best level of accuracy. To avail this Contact Center Services Cogito by mailing at or send your inquiry with detailed information through online query form given at Cogito.     Source
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