exotic in Extreme CUP - Famalicão

Sat 16th Sep 2017 - 6:09pm SCENE Gaming EXOTIC CS:GO Portugal CS:GO

The team is perfecting their style and improving day by day, our work as just been crowned with the qualification for Famalicão Extreme LAN.

Several great Portuguese teams have failed to qualify, proving that the scene is stronger than ever before.

The Qualifier Final game of our team:

 Qualified teams in the first qualifier: 

ZDHEADS, exotic, eGNPRO and Alientech

Qualified teams in the second qualifier:

K1CK esports, 2k17, Young Sharks and IGMBLACK

You can follow the event on their official Facebook Page and Webpage.

Good luck to all the teams, we see each other in Famalicão!



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