4GAMERS Open Qualifiers

Sun 10th Sep 2017 - 9:18pm SCENE Gaming EXOTIC CS:GO Portugal CS:GO

exotic esports club CSGO team Qualified for 4Gamers Closed Qualifier that will happen in two weeks time.

The adventure started saturday, the team faced Madlions from Spain defeating them in de_inferno 16-7, after that, we lost against a mixed team 16 - 3 in de_train.

The last match is under evaluation by Faceit personal as we consider that one of the team players was using illegal help in-game.

The same player that was banned in the previous week from another national qualifier, this time for LPGO.

You can review the exotic vs MadLions game below: 

On Sunday our team Qualified for the 4Gamers Closed Qualifier after beating some very good mix teams with top names of the Portuguese scene.

The team is starting to make progress, I remember our readers that the team is very young and is giving their first steps into the competitive scene, but they do have talent and we are happy to show them to you, our caster KodeX spent all afternoon recording and casting the team progress in the qualifier, we invite you to see them play:

We wish the best to our team and to all the teams that are about to fight for the 3 slots available for the LAN finals.



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