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Sun 15th Jan 2017 - 1:24pm General Gaming EXOTIC CS:GO

2017 has just begun and we already introduced our new Portuguese CS:GO lineup. That was just the start of what we have prepared for you this year.

Exotic Gaming is growing and we have a lot fun ideas. One of these plans is not only to further climb the top of Portuguese Esports but also feel different waters. We were approached by a German CS:GO team of veterans and talents looking to prove themselves in a new version of the game under a trusted old banner. 

We would like to introduce you our new German Counter Strike: Global Offensive Divison.

Tim "Goodfella" Gregor, Team Captain
Kevin "aziate" Hanamura, In-Game Leader
Christos "bäääzora" Purnaras
Fabian "jakuQ" Krabbe
Jörg "luxury" Tucholla
Christoph "sYk" Wahl, Stand-in

The team is going to start in ESEA S24 Open, which is kicking off on January 17th.
We are of course going to keep you updated and wont let you miss the first official match.

Tim "Goodfella" Gregor, player of Exotic Gaming CS:GO Germany gave the following statement:

"Olá Portugueses, Olá Exotic fans, I'm so glad everything worked out in the end and we made this happen. After the meetings with REBELL, I personally really wanted to get involved – so I'm glad.

It has been 4 years since I've played actively for a working team on a decent level and it has been a different version of the game, but I feel confident and I am more motivated than ever before.

I really wanted to start playing competitive again after breaking up with my wife, so I bought a computer when I moved out (I had sold mine when I stopped playing) and decided to try starting a team once again.

I talked to Kevin "aziate" Hanamura, who had been the in-game leader of my last german team, rYonline/logiX e.V., and ever since been a good mate to me.

I asked him, if he could imagine trying it for one more time.

He first declined but after playing a bit more and telling him about my plans and goals, he got motivated and agreed on trying to find 3 more players; which we did; and now – here we are, surrounded by four talented, german players and great characters. And on a personal note: it's good to be back Portugal.

We would like to thank Exotic and especially REBELL & Black for the chance they are giving us. We are not going to disappoint you and try everything to play a great first season for Exotic Gaming in ESEA S24. We are ready to go! I'm looking forward to talk to the other teams and players and get to know everyone.

And for you guys, the community, we have a lot of great things coming. Vamos!!!! Obrigado. -Goodfella"

Exotic Gaming CS:GO DE on ESEA S24 Open.



Giovanni Hollenberg

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  • Welcome aboard lads! :D
  • it's great to be here.. thanks to everyone for the warm welcoming :)

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