exotic FIFA 18 Lineup announced

Wed 23rd Aug 2017 - 11:53am Gaming FIFA EXOTIC

After a good season with goals achieved, new experiences and learnings, fortunately or unfortunately the competitive scene of FIFA 17 its about to end, therefore, exotic esports club FIFA will continue to score virtual goals in FIFA 18 but with the same quality that we accostumed our fans and followers.

The lineup for the 2018 edition will be:

Portugal  psobral

Portugal  tiaguito200

Portugal  utd1990

Portugal  UnDeRMINeR

Portugal  fvieira1991


(Video related to Allianz Challange Supercup where we were present and we got an honorable 3rd/4rd place)

exotic eSports club wishes the best of luck to our players in this new ''season''!



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