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Mon 28th Aug 2017 - 12:37pm CS:GO Portugal EXOTIC Gaming SCENE

It is with pleasure that our organization comes here to present our new CS:GO team that will represent the exotic eSports club in future events and tournaments, with a brand new team, we set our goals in this group of players to glorify the name of exotic eSports club.

The new exotic eSports club new lineup will make their first official appearances for the organization in esea, Blitzer Superliga, LPCSGO Qualifiers, Liga Championship, Famalicão Tournament Qualifier and WESG Iberic Qualifier.

 The Portuguese team consist of:

Portugal  Eduardo ''sprynger'' Coelho

Portugal  Simão ''StepA'' Stepanov

Portugal  José ''quiver'' Cunha

Portugal  Fábio ''TwixY'' Pedro

Portugal  Diogo ''IRAA'' Costa


(additional replacement players)


Portugal Rafael ''ForskWooW'' Filipe

Portugal Rafael ''KRONUSSA'' Antunes

Portugal Sérgio "NODY" Gouveia


You can review the team members video presentation on our Facebook page.



Tiago Fernandes

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